MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Ruffles & Feathers (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 2 of 6

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Ruffles & Feathers (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 2 of 6




I was initially worried about this color, because green is out of my comfort zone when it comes to nail polish, but from what I could see and what I read online, Ruffles & Feathers is a more smooth teal green crème. What I experienced was an opaque, peacock emerald that was a self-leveling one coat wonder (#OCW)!!!! You know how I excited I get when I come across a OCW XD. It was super duper…

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MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Strut Your Stuff (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 1 of 6

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Strut Your Stuff (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 1 of 6

Essie’s Strut Your Stuff is one of the six polishes in Essie’s Summer 2014 Collection called Haute In The Heat. It’s a beautiful bright blue creme that is in the middle of the blue color category – most blues you find will be either darker, lighter, or duller than this. It reminds me of Essie’s Hide And Go Chic and Essie’s I’m Addicted – perhaps right in the middle of those two. I used CND’s…

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MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Bahama Mama

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Bahama Mama



Happy Labor Day! I’m so excited to have a paid day off on Monday, and to enjoy this long weekend! The weather has been beautiful and we’re trying to take full advantage of it before it starts to turn cooler. I recently picked up Essie’s Bahama Mama from my local CVS. I really love Essie’s Big Spender, and this is in the same plum color family. I’ve been googling it to see if it’s part of a set,…

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REVIEW: Essie’s Vanity Fairest

REVIEW: Essie’s Vanity Fairest


Vanity Fairest is probably my number one favorite Essie polish. My friends would tell you that I’m a little overly obsessed with nudes and pinks, but, this one is probably my favorite! Essie has SO many nude/pink options that look very similar (I think I own 8-10 polishes that are very very similar) including Vanity Fairest, Limo-scene, Ador-a-ball, Hi Maintenance, Sugar Daddy, and more, I’m sure!

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REVIEW: Wei East Skin Care Line
REVIEW: Essie’s Imported Bubbly

REVIEW: Essie’s Imported Bubbly


Essie’s Imported Bubbly is one of my “go to” polishes. It goes with everything and is a nice shiny nude, not too gold, not too pink, but just right in the middle. In the photos, you can see one was taken in direct sunlight and one was taken inside, in indirect sunlight. The only (minor) downside to this polish is that its really hard not to have streaks because its … metallic, or pearly, like?…

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4th of July Nails (BONUS: Book Haul)

4th of July Nails (BONUS: Book Haul)

I was so lucky to be able to spend A WHOLE WEEK on vacation in Northern Michigan with my family, to celebrate the 4th of July. My parents have lake house and its always a blast being up there with them. My Aunt, Mother, and I had a blast doing nails on the porch! We received many compliments on them while out at the 4th of July festivities in Alanson, rummage sale hopping in Petoskey, and upscale…

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Envelope Budget Technique

I began using the envelope budget technique two weeks ago, and so far so good. The main guidelines in using this system is to put cash in the envelopes based on your budget, and only use the cash in the envelopes. It’s great for visual people, and fun for crafty people. For example, (I know it makes me sound like a diva, but…) I budget $50 every two weeks for my coffee/lattes. So, every two weeks…

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Orly’s Beach Cruiser

Orly’s Beach Cruiser

Orly's Beach Cruiser

The perfect summer color. If you need an instant tan glow, just put this on your nails!! Although I prefer this color on my toes, I still love love love it on my hands too. Top with Seche Vite Top Coat for an intense shine & a long lasting manicure.

A special thanks to my bestie, Jackie, who let me borrow her bottle of Beach Cruiser on Easter Sunday, and let me join her family in celebration…

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Essie’s Go Ginza

I love this light opaque purple for the time around Easter (which I cannot believe is next week already!) It’s the perfect Easter and spring color, and it has my favorite quality - opaqueness.
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