Day 14: Something Funny (Oct Photo-Day Challenge)

During my weekend vacation I went to my favorite cafe, The Roast & Toast, in Petoskey, MI. This drink called “Skeeter Juice” (watermelon soda) is promised to be “100% Malaria Free!!!” 😝😁☺️👍🍹



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Mani Monday: Essie’s Take It Outside (Fall 2014 Collection: Dress to Kilt) 2 of 6

Mani Monday: Essie’s Take It Outside (Fall 2014 Collection: Dress to Kilt) 2 of 6



Essie.comdescribes this color as a “punchy, fresh taupe with a whisper of pink.” Other bloggers describe this color as taupe, beige, tan, and neutral. I describe this color as grey. Regardless of who you ask, they will tell you that this formula is wonderful & smooth, and although a bit thick, applies very nicely. I used two coats & then topped it off with Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat. I have…

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Day 12: Relaxing (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)


A group of Brothers from my Fraternity (co-ed) got together for an end of summer hurrah and toasted marshmallows & made s’mores with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. If you have not tried that – go now! They’re so good! We also had white, milk, & dark chocolate options. It was fun telling stories and laughing around the fire. Very relaxing; I love watching the flames… The flames, and the crackles &…

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Day 12: For A Change (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)

I spent this weekend up in Northern Michigan with my parents where they live year round. I came up to celebrate my Dad’s 66th birthday!

Seeing the leaves changing is one of the prettiest part of the autumn season, and especially in Northern MI. The colors are breathtaking!!

This is my “For A Change” day post, because the leaves are quickly changing, and since I’ve been gawking at the trees the…

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Thank You!


Thank you all for your support, and for showing it by liking my posts!!! I know this may be a minor milestone if compared to a lot of you super successful bloggers but this is a great step for me and my blog, as we all start somewhere. I appreciate the time taken out of each of your lives to stop by and check out my blog posts. Keep coming back for more & leave comments! I love sharing with you…

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Day 5: In My Makeup Bag (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)


Day 5: In My Makeup Bag

One of my favorite blushes, Caramel Belle from Flirt! Cosmetics. I found this years ago at Kohls and have been savoring every last bit. I actually did a review on it and some other items in my makeup bag a while back, you can read about it here!! I will have to do an updated post about what’s in my current makeup bag because a lot has changed!! This blush by Flirt! has…

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Day 4: Inspired By Nature (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)


Day 4: Inspired By Nature

My boyfriend brings me back little gifts whenever he goes out of town and this time when he returned from Florida he brought me back this miniature indoor Palm tree!!! It’s so cute. We are looking for an appropriate sized pot so for now it is living in a coffee mug representing our co-ed fraternity we both belong to (and how we met). 🌴

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Day 3: Body Product (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)


Day 3: Body Product

Last week I went on a mini shopping spree and Bath & Body Works to check out their new fall fragrances. I ended up purchasing two mini candles – Flannel & Sweater Weather; six foaming hand soaps – Kitchen Lemon, Dancing Waters, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Eucalyptus Mint, Sea Island Cotton, Honolulu Sun, and Aqua Blossom; two mini true blue hand creams –…

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DIY Craft Desk - Progress Update

Please note, this is INCOMPLETE, aka HALFWAY done, aka a work IN PROGRESS - I am so excited to be working on this project, I can’t wait to share the final result with you!
Day 2: Today’s Nails (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)


Day 2: Today’s Nails

This week I have been wearing a shade from OPI’s Nicole collection, called Lay It On The Lime. I looove bright nail colors so this is one of my new favorites! I bought it about a week ago at a CVS Pharmacy near my house for $8.00. The formula requires at least two coats to be opaque, but has a self leveling quality that is pleasant to work with. Also, if you’re familiar with…

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Day 1: Today’s Lipstick (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)

Day 1: Today’s Lipstick (Oct Photo-A-Day Challenge)

October Day 1

Day 1: Today’s Lipstick

Today I am wearing Covergirl’s lipstick in shade 395 Darling Cherie underneath Bare Mineral’s lipgloss in shade Sugared Strawberry. These colors are probably darker than most natural lip shades, but, they match the color of my lips perfectly, although I am often mistaken for wearing lipstick when I am not. I am honestly not a lipstick fan, I’ve never gotten used to the…

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October Photo A Day Challenge

October Photo A Day Challenge

October Photo A Day Challenge

One of my favorite social apps is Instagram – if you aren’t already following me, definitely look me up: DanielleWaltz. If you are familiar with Instagram, a new popular challenge is the Photo-A-Day challenges. This is where someone assigns a topic to each day of the month, and those who commit are to post a picture reflecting that topic, everyday. I have not done a Photo-A-Day Challenge yet, so…

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MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Haute In The Heat (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 4 of 6

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Haute In The Heat (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 4 of 6



Ok, I will admit, red is my least favorite nail color, but I can’t tell you why. I don’t know if its too bold for me or what, but, I just feel like I’m trying to be the vixon-I-am-not when I have red on my nails. Essie’s Haute In The Heat, however, is my new favorite red nail polish! I say “new” not because I had a previous favorite red shade, but because I did not have a favorite red shade at…

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MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Urban Jungle (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 3 of 6

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Urban Jungle (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 3 of 6




UrbanJungle3.2 UrbanJungle3.3 UrbanJungle3.4 UrbanJungle3.5

More reviews of Essie’s Summer 2014 Collection coming soon! Links will be provided below as the reviews are posted.

Essie’s Summer 2014 Collection:
|Strut Your Stuff click here
|Haute In The Heat
|Fierce No Fear
*|Urban Jungle
|Ruffles & Feathers click here

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MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Ruffles & Feathers (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 2 of 6

MANI MONDAY: Essie’s Ruffles & Feathers (Summer 2014 Collection: Haute In The Heat) 2 of 6




I was initially worried about this color, because green is out of my comfort zone when it comes to nail polish, but from what I could see and what I read online, Ruffles & Feathers is a more smooth teal green crème. What I experienced was an opaque, peacock emerald that was a self-leveling one coat wonder (#OCW)!!!! You know how I excited I get when I come across a OCW XD. It was super duper…

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